Soulo Reloaded

I’ve said it before that I love food experiences. So when I saw a friend post about Soulo Reloaded— a culinary experience I had to sign up. The event wast hosted by bookalokal (I wrote about a previous event with them) and happened on April 12 in a secret location in DC. It was promoted […]

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Vision Brunch

For the past few years I’ve said I wanted to host a vision board party. Per my usual I procrastinated and then the very last day of the month in January I opened my home to my friends and I whipped up a brunch and plenty of mimosas and we set our vision for the […]

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Social Dining Experience

Imagine visiting a complete strangers house, they cook you dinner, provide you drinks and you get to dine among some really interesting and unique people. Well I did this Monday night and thanks to something called “social dining” more and more people are having this experience.

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