It’s been a long time…

I shouldn’t have left you… So I haven’t posted on here in forever but I’m back. I’ve been posting my travels on Instagram and Twitter but I’ve been neglecting this site. Soo since my last post let’s recap where I’ve been and a highlight from the trip… Bahamas (Girls Trip) – We rented a house and […]

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So my hashtag for this 35th year of life has been #evolveexploreexperience. My goal was to blog my way through Portugal and share as I went along with the journey. But I was too busy enjoying moments and being present (in both good and bad moments) to even think about a blog. I’ve been trying to […]

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Rewind: Sedona

Everyone should have a place where they feel at peace. A place where they can go and feel like their soul is restored. For me that place is Sedona. I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time and had the chance to go several times while staying in Arizona. It’s something magical about […]

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Royalton Punta Cana

I always try to do something special for my mom’s birthday. This year was a year that ended in 5 for her so I decided to take her somewhere where she could get some sunshine and relax for a few days. After consulting with my travel agent I decided Punta Cana was our destination. We […]

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As most people can guess travel is a big part of my life. Another thing that is important to me is service. Combining the two makes me very happy. I first started my volunteering while traveling when I did an exchange program at age 14 and since then about 75% of my international travel has had […]

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