It’s been a long time…

I shouldn’t have left you…

So I haven’t posted on here in forever but I’m back. I’ve been posting my travels on Instagram and Twitter but I’ve been neglecting this site. Soo since my last post let’s recap where I’ve been and a highlight from the trip…

Bahamas (Girls Trip) – We rented a house and hired a private chef. Not having to worry about cooking and having our own pool (where we could play ratchet music and record boomerangs) made it so amazing!

Los Angeles (Thelma & Louise Adventure) – We did 1000 things in one weekend. We flew to LAX, drove to San Diego, toured SD, went to a music festival, went back to LA, went to the Broad Museum, went to Disneyland (for the first time), and got my favorite crab at crustaceans.

London (Work during the day tourist by night) – I stayed in an amazing flat in the middle of the city. Was able to walk to work daily and tour at night and during lunch. I did just about every touristy thing possible in a week. Also got to see Dream Girls at the Savoy Theater which was AMAZING and ate at a restaurant I first tried when I was 14 and an exchange student in London.

St. Louis (Definitely for work) – I was there for a robotics competition. I’m a nerd and I love nerdy kids so that was a highlight in its seld. Also gooey butter cake and champagne sent up by room service and a stay at Magnolia Hotel, one of my favorite art deco/boutique hotels. Also, I had some amazing meals (all I did was eat and work) and fell in love with a greek wine.

Virginia Beach (Graduation) – I think all I did was eat and go to the graduation lol. We ate at Croakers Spot, Captain George (I don’t do buffets but I do this buffet), and a Brazilian steakhouse in a span of 24 hours lol.

Dominican Republic (Wedding) – I did wedding stuff and spent 3 days on the beach perfecting my tan, drinking libations, and smoking cigars. I discovered post-sun lotion before this trip and I will never not use it. My tan lasted all summer (shout out to Alba Botanica Hawaiian, Kona Coffee After-Sun Lotion).


I’ll also throw in NY because I went six times this year for everything from work, to a popup white party to girls weekends. Also Philly for a date and sightseeing. Richmond for a day trip, North Carolina to see family. You get my point…

and finally…

Thailand (Turn Up Crew Trip) – We went to Phuket and Bangkok and had a blast. We went to private islands, rode on catamarans, fed and rode elephants, ate so much food, had a great house with our own pool and chef and also stayed in an amazing boutique hotel, Hotel Muse, that even embroidered our name on our pillowcases.

Soo that’s what I’ve been up to. I won’t even try to play catchup with all the pics from all my travel. But Thailand will get a dedicated post since that was two weeks ago.


I’ll be back soon I promise


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