Monverde My Love…

I’m finally at a place where I will start to give you bits and pieces of my Portugal experience.

Weeks before my trip I met someone through my travel tribe and we realized we were going to be in Porto at the same time. She mentioned she heard about this wine experience hotel and she was going to stay there. She asked if I wanted to go and I said yes.

Usually I’m a big researcher when I travel but this trip I wanted to be more carefree. Had I researched I would have known beforehand this hotel is a BIG deal and award winner for it’s design, architecture and sustainability.

Monverde Wine Experience Hotel  is located in Telões-Amarante, Portugal which is in a quaint area. You can feel the hospitality as soon as you enter… and any place that offers me sparkling wine in under a minute of my arrival wins my heart and GOOD wine at that, has me for life.

While we were waiting to check in we decided to step out on the patio and for the first time we got to take in the view.



From every angle.


We finally got to check in and got a tour of the building. One of the most unique and amazing parts were the leaves in the lobby.


There are 366 hand-carved cedar leaves hanging 25 feet in the air. One to represent each day of the year with the 366th leaf being metallic gold for leap year. Each leaf also has a face on it to represent the workers who harvest the grapes and the local laborers.

After our tour we were whisked away on a golf cart to our room. My photos nor my words can describe how unique the rooms are. There are 29 rooms and a suite on the entire property and each one is unique. The building is made of granite and schist with pine and your room feels like your own personal oasis.

After we settled in we decided instead of going to the spa we just wanted to roam a bit. The property was SO beautiful. I was pinching myself for having this experience.

After an evening of roaming we headed to dinner. While you wait for your table there was more complimentary wine (and more happiness). Dinner in the restaurant was excellent. I had fish with potatoes and truffles and my friend had veal topped with foie gras. We also had a bottle of Portugal’s famous green wine. Which was great.


After a long day we headed back to the room and settled in for the evening.

The next morning breakfast was complimentary and we were off for our next leg of adventures.

I’ve been to plenty of vineyards and wineries all around the world. But this was quite a different experience. Every detail of this hotel was dedicated to giving you a “wine experience,” and I LOVED it.

If you are ever near Porto it’s worth the time to take a trip up to Amarante and visit.

Also most of the wine found here is under $10 a bottle which is a steal. Because this is really good wine.

I found this quote about the hotel and it is so true about my experience:

At Monverde, the essence, the tranquility, inspires us to live, contemplate and value what is around us…


Rates Start at $99 per night
Quinta de Sanguinhedo
4600-761 Telões, Portugal
Tel: +351 255 143 100

Read more about the design of Monverde in this  Interior Design article.

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