I write. You all know that because you are reading this. I wrote something simple (to me) for a publication because I was asked and it got placed in the publication. To me at that moment no big deal, I did what was asked.

But I realize talking to people I tend to play down things in my life. Not because I’m not proud of me, but in my head it’s just me doing what makes me happy.

So I shared said article with a few friends and then posted it on Facebook. Next thing everyone was sharing it. And I was shocked. I mean I know people love me and are proud of me but for some reason this whole situation made me emotional.

A told a friend and he said this is EBONY magazine and you’re our friend of course we’re proud and will share.

And I thought wow he’s right.

So all that said to say I’m filled with gratitude… and I’ll tell you why…

  • I put on in my intentions journal that I would write something for a major publication this year, and it happened. So I am grateful.
  • My friends are proud enough of me to share my work and cheer me on. So I am grateful.
  • I got to write about something that is important to me. So I am grateful.
  • My friend thought enough of me to ask me to even write the piece and then publish it. So I am grateful.
  • As a result of the article someone read my blog and is peeking into my experiences. So I am grateful.
  • This experience gave me a little “a ha” moment in life.  So I am grateful.

This is not the first, nor the last thing I have published, but something about this experience has me in a place of gratitude.

If you’d like to read the article “Mental Floss: What I Do to Preserve My Mental Sanity,” click the link to head over to


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