It’s Thursday: 9.1.16

It’s Thursday

1. Happy September. New month, new opportunity for growth and blessings

2. This time next week I’ll be in Portugal for my #delayed35th celebration. The theme is #EvolveExploreExperience, which is my theme for my 35th year of life. Check out the hashtag on Instagram to see photos from the trip.

3. Some random people have been speaking some interesting things over my life. It’s interesting because different folks are saying the same thing. Like the same exact thing. Okay GOD I hear you.

4. My friends are SUPER dope. September just started and they are out here killing it. They are speaking goals and dream jobs into existence and just being all around awesome. When they win, I win AND I celebrate.

5. “I pray that you understand there is enough to go around. No one has what is designed for you. Be Happy for others when good befalls them. We are all one.”

6. The quote above is from a book called “PS Pray the Same for Me.” I purchased it to read on vacation and I read the entire thing in under 24 hours. A lot of you will receive this book as a gift from me this year because it’s amazing. The author wrote this book to pray for herself and her past and future generations for the purpose of healing. At the end of each “chapter” she asks that her generations and whoever is reading to pray those same things for her.

7. Have an amazing week and here is a little more from PS Pray The Same For Me, because I love this book…

” I pray that you can look yourself in the mirror and love what you see”

” I pray that you know that no matter what you are loved and that you belong. There is a “memory foam” spot in the universe that only fits the slant and curve of your soul”

” I pray that you can see yourself, in all your glory, as a wonderful creation”

” I pray that you are immunized against fear”

” Please pray the same for me.”

Learn more about the book and the author on her site How I Grew Today

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