I have a weird relationship with New Orleans. I love it because of the people, food, the history, the beauty and it’s culture… but when I go there I also get mad and frustrated because some of the history from past to present is just whew.

A lot of moments on this trip were food based and we literally ate our way through the city. Before I go into that I want to implore you to really experience the city. If you can please do a walking tour of New Orleans specifically the Tremé neighborhood. There is SO much history and culture there. One of the best parts of the tour was interacting with the people and feeling the energy and the rich culture.

So I have to crawl on my soapbox for a second. Although this tour was a highlight of my trip one of the things that bothered me the most was to see people glide through a neighborhood on a segway and point and see but not understand what they were looking at.

Then when they stop have an attitude when someone asks them to buy a shirt or donate to a cause. You don’t have to give, but also don’t snub and think someone is “begging and harassing you” without knowing their story or their impact. Because you rode through you didn’t get to hear the story about how that particular person who just asked you to buy a tshirt has poured so much into the neighborhood.

Top sign is what the community placed there post Katrina to ID their street

It’s not meant to be judgy but all I’m asking is for people to stop rolling through neighborhoods looking scared and gazing at them and actually learn and grow a little. One of my favorite dining experiences listed below was given by an elder in the community because we stopped and talked to him. After he told us how good the food was he gave us directions to walk there and sent us on our way. Those folks on the segway missed out.

**Off my soap box**

So here’s where I ate and what I LOVED on their menu (note everything was great at every restaurant some things just stood out).

  1. Mother’s – One of the must visit places in NOLA. I got my poboy and red beans and rice and was happy as a lark.
  2. MeauxBar – This place was sexy and hip and we ordered 1000 things off the menu. My favorite was the potato gnocchi w/ crab, tomato, grilled corn beurre monté
  3. Sylvain – I had a really great cocktail here and also the most amazing grits I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve eaten a lot of grits but these grits top two in life. The short rib hash was also great.
  4. Comprere Lapin – Loved the restaurant, the space, the vibe and the fact the chef came out and spoke to our group. But what I loved even more was the curry goat AMAZING – Curried Goat/Sweet Potato Gnocchi/Cashews
  5. Lil Dizzy’s Cafe – This wasn’t even in the plan. But when someone in a Treme recommends you eat somewhere you go (see above). The best part about this place was the love. Also the gumbo, french toast and friend chicken has me thinking about catching a flight back down. Please go for brunch. PLEASE.
  6. Sucre – We had a birthday cake made there, actually two. It’s one of the most decadent desserts I’ve had in a while . The southern pecan cake was simply amazing it is an Italian cream cake layered with Dulce de Leche and roasted pecans, finished with salted caramel buttercream

So as you can see this trip was loaded with calories and an additional 5 pounds added to my hips lol. But it was amazing!

Here are a few pics in no particular order…

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