Rewind: The Inn at Little Washington

I’ve heard people rave about The Inn at Little Washington for years. A friend and I put it on our DC bucket list when we were in our 20’s and we finally decided to go a few months ago.

Going in we weren’t really sure what the cost would be and since my mom may or may not be reading this I won’t divulge (I’m 35 and still get lectured lol). But this was definitely a you only live once type of dining experience and we were excited to take it all in.

The Inn is about 70 miles outside of Washington DC in a very quaint town called Washington VA. When you pull up the valet takes your car and you are whisked off to the opulent but quaint dining room with only 30 tables. All I can say about the experience is it’s the epitome of service. Your water glass is never empty, your plate is never without bread, as soon as you finish one course the next is coming out… it was amazing.

Reading the description of some items you aren’t quite sure just how good it will be but trust me, it will be good. I’ve never clamored over split pea soup, or cheese puffs and I don’t think I’ve ever had something called a Tin of Sin (American Osetra Caviar with Peekytoe Crab and Cucumber Rillette).  After my first bite I knew it was going to be amazing. With the surprise courses thrown in from the chef it takes the meal from to 8 courses.

Once you finish eating you get a box shaped like the inn filled with handmade confections to take home. The only thing that was better was the koi pond and fire pit in the restaurant courtyard. It was a great experience! Here are a few pics from the experience.

If you still don’t believe me check out the review in Travel + Leisure

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