Rewind: Keep Austin Weird

I visited Austin Texas earlier this year for SXSW. Attending the conference, eating good food and seeing the Austin bats were the top things on my agenda.

The conference was a success so I can check that off. If  you have a chance to visit SXSW definitely do it. There are people everywhere and it’s just a fun event with lot’s to take in.

There were a lot of great places to eat. So many that I couldn’t head to them all. But these were some favorites:

  • Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill – It’s described as upscale southern. You get popcorn instead of bread as an opener. Try the deviled eggs, head on shrimp and grits, german chocolate cake and moonshine of course.
  • Second Bar + Kitchen – I had wandered all day and was tired heading back to my hotel. I found this place. The food was great. Try the black truffle pommes frites, congress burger, macarons, and the Gin + Jam (Viennese gin and blackberry – jalapeno jam)
  • Takoba – I met my old colleague there for lunch and it was good! Try the tortas de carnitas.
  • Juice Austin – I went to their juice truck daily. Try the Green Ya Colada (Pineapple + Spinach + Coconut Water + Shredded Coconut + Almond Milk) or the Mango a Go Go (Mango + Strawberry + Kale + Coconut Water + Lime)
  • Voodoo Doughnut – So I’m pretty sure this place was how I got sick. Not in a bad way, but I hadn’t had sugar, wheat or dairy for a month prior to this trip. Then I went in this place and OD’d. Try any of them.

I didn’t have a lot of time to shop but I had some amazing lyft drivers the week I Was tehre who told me all the places to go. Visiting South Congress/SoCo was easily the best decision I made.I ducked in and out of boutiques and found unique pieces, handmade products, original art and swooned over cowboy boots in Allen Boots.

I thought people were tripping when they told me I had to see the bats. I had bats living under my stairs in Syracuse so that really didn’t interest me. But somehow at dusk on my my last night I found myself under a bridge with hundreds of people looking at these millions of bats take off for the night. It was kind of amazing.

Here is a gif I made of the bats emerging from under the bridge:


So I think I covered all of Austin but here are a few other pics of my adventures outside of the conference. Austin had a great vibe and look forward to visiting when I’m not there for work related fun!

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