Music Fix: We Are King

I LOVE music.

Anyone who knows me knows that music has always played an important role in my life.

People who know me also know that when I love a song I play it into the ground. So I’d say for the past nine months my play it into the ground song has been “Hey” by King. My neighbors in Arizona probably hated that song. I’d come in from work, start dinner, light my favorite candle, put on my favorite playlist and when the beat came in for hey the volume would increase and I’d start swaying in my living space.

A lot of times people use the term “much-anticipated album” to describe new music but for me this is REALLY that. When I happened to check out NPRMusic and saw that King had a “First Listen” I squealed. Like a literal squeal. I was working from home that day and I finished my work and had errands to run but I didn’t walk out until the last second of their music was played. I also went to their website and ordered their CD mid-listen. I never order CD’s but I ordered this one.

It’s that good. You all can take my word. You can also order it because it’s out today. Take a listen at my FAVE song below, they blessed me with this extended version, and then go BUY IT NOW.

In case you haven’t heard them perform listen to this acoustic version of “Hey.”

Dear future husband let’s figure out how to budget them into our wedding costs  🙂

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