Rewind: Sedona

Everyone should have a place where they feel at peace. A place where they can go and feel like their soul is restored. For me that place is Sedona.

I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time and had the chance to go several times while staying in Arizona. It’s something magical about that place. Some people say it’s a spiritual area because of all the vortex’s and healers that have migrated to that area to live. It could be the nature and red rocks that draw you in. But I know that when I went there I went to get away from STRESS and when I left I felt like I could have floated home.

I try to let everyone have their own experience when traveling and don’t want to push places to visit but if I had to tell you 3 things to do they are

  1. Hike Bell Rock. It’s a relatively short hike up to the middle of the formation and you can see so much.
  2. Visit The Chapel of the Holy Cross and light a candle and take in the beauty. It’s a gorgeous but small chapel carved into the side of a rock.
  3. Check out Mystical Bazaar. To me this place wraps up the essence of the town in one store. Mystical offers gemstones, crystals, and distinctive jewelry pieces along with a large selection of books, art pieces and metaphysical items. They also offer readings, massages, healings, vortex tours, and much more. Even if you peer in they make you feel comfortable and just in a good space.

If you have an extended trip in Phoenix I highly suggest taking a road trip up to Sedona, it’s a little cooler (temperature and people wise) and will help you reset.

Below are a few pictures from my time there (click to enlarge):

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