It’s Monday: 1.25.16 + 2.1.16

So I forgot to post both last week and this week. Because well life. So you get two weeks wrapped up in one and still late lol. I hope your week is AMAZING. 


It’s Monday…

1. It’s so much snow. But I love it!

2. I’m grateful for Amazon Prime & Netflix. Really I’m grateful for technology period. Listening to online church service made digging out my car so much easier.

3. Be great on purpose today! This is a great time to tackle those “I’ve been meaning to” projects. I wrote a blog post on vision boards for those who still need to work on those and need motivations. Also if you are snowed in or just being lazy at work, it’s a great day for also organizing, updating your planner, making travel plans, connecting with old friends, whatever works.

4. I love reading all these stories about neighbors helping each other out. I feel like snow days were some of the best times in my neighborhood. They built community + togetherness. Everyone just comes out and helps and talks and gets ish done.

5. The time inside had been great though. Not as productive as I wanted to be but still so much was done. And I got much needed mental and physical rest.

6. Yessss Cam. So happy for Carolina! No, I’m not jumping on a bandwagon my momma and 70% of my family are from Charlotte, I can cheer for who I want (in addition to my sorry team lol).

7. Don’t plant big dreams in small places. My pastor said that yesterday and it’s been stuck in my head since then. So now I’m sticking it in your head. Have a great day and stay warm. If you’re in a warm climate, booooo lol.



It’s Monday…

1.Happy Black History Month.

2. Soo many people are overly connected to their cell phones. If you go out with friends or family anytime soon try to go the entire dinner without getting on your cell phone and actually engage. I went to Our Family Dinner in DC on Saturday and it was soo good to chill and eat and connect with no phones.

3. I tell yall to read books all the time but also go see a doctor. I’ve seen so many young people pass away recently that it hurts my heart. I spent most of Thursday and Friday seeing specialists/doing annual checkups and I have a few more appointments coming soon. You know your body better than anyone else, and if something seems off or even if you feel fine go get checked out.

4. A few groups I’m in have declared February as a month to get financially fit. Everything can’t be done in one month, but it’s a good time to assess spending and savings and make adjustments as needed.

5. Random conversation with my mom and she shares that she had a dream about my dad. I dream about him all the time but apparently she doesn’t. She said the only time he pops up in her dreams is if I’m sick, making major changes, or I’m struggling with something. I don’t even know how to feel about that conversation lol. But Daddy’s girl for life I guess lol.

6. In my reading this week I found a phrase I’m adding to my personal lexicon: Stretch Team. “Stretch Team is that inner circle of friends, teammates and family most important to you and whom you trust without hesitation. We call it your Stretch Team, because it consists of the people who stretch you and help you grow.”

This made me think, whose team am I on? and who is on my team? Everyone needs folks who stretch them

7. Quote I saw earlier: “Your thoughts can shape your reality, make sure they are fabulous.”

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