Music Fix: Leon Timbo in DC

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love music. My favorite aspect of music is live performances. There are so many nuances that happen in a live situation that you just can’t capture listening to a CD. So Sunday evening I jumped at the opportunity to see Leon Timbo perform right outside of DC at ReCreative Spaces.

I was first introduced to Timbo when he visited my church several years ago and have been a fan since. He performed Sunday morning at our campuses and I had a chance to not only hear his great music but interact and see how much of a great spirit he has.

The event, which was sponsored by ZipCar, had you feeling like you were sitting in a private music session in a good friends living room. The performance provided just the right level of intimacy that you felt comfortable enough to say yesss when you felt the music, close your eyes and sing along with no judgement, and also connect with people across the room. And then the performace it self was just amazing. From the band to the background singer everything was natural and fluid. I love when an artist can actually sing, and then sings from the heart, AND can connect with the audience to the point that you are all the way in your feelings when you listen to a song. I’m talking about people sniffling, sending virtual highfives, couples snuggled, and us singles thinking about how great it will be to find that love he was singing about.

Check out this snippet from the performance and you can learn more about him on his site:

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