It’s Monday: 1.18.16

It’s Monday…

1. Happy Dr. King Day!

2. Yesterday I realized that the one thing that was missing in my life in 2015 was music. I listen to it often but singing, live concerts, and connecting with musicians, that has to come back.

3. I LOVE seeing my friends walking in their purpose AND then having other people confirm that. I want us all to win.

4. I talk to people ALL the time about vision boards. Some folks think they are foolish. But I believe that taking the time to sit down and think about things you want to accomplish, finding words and pictures that represent those dreams/goals and displaying them, and praying over them really does something. If you don’t want a real board do it in your journal, as your screensaver, something. But just do it. Things on my board are already coming to light…. but yall don’t hear me.

5. Since yall don’t hear me I had on my board for this year that I wanted to go to SXSW for professional & personal development + networking. I had the mindset that I was going to pay for it.

THEN I looked up the registration fee and hotel costs and was like gurl bye. So I thought about my vision board and one of my cut outs are the steps to create action. So I asked my manager and guess who is going… So if anyone else is let’s connect.

6. So I started another book this week “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown. I LOVE her. Like read all her books, watched her TED talk and her lifeclass on OWN, kinda love. So I was listening to her book at work (I use whispersync from amazon so you can listen to books where you leave off reading on kindle and vice versa) and while listening I happened to log on to twitter and guess who SXSW announced as their keynote. I squealed at my desk. Soo excited!7. When my mom’s random rants and my Pastor’s message align I know I should probably listen. Maybe these will flick a switch in you too

7. When my mom’s random rants and my Pastor’s message align I know I should probably listen. Maybe these will flick a switch in you too
-Look at your social circle and see if it’s killing your dream.
-The shoulders you stand on will either limit or launch you
-In certain areas of your life you just aren’t going to grow and excel until you release certain people and declutter. I know you and your sense of loyalty at times but they are dead weight ladybug. (This one was obviously from mom lol)

Sooo basically don’t let holding on to people, places, and situations from your past limit or even prevent you from fulfilling your destiny. Sometimes you just gotta let go.

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