It’s Monday: 12.28.15

It’s Monday…

1. Sometimes you have to make your own traditions. Doing things the way they’ve always been done can keep you “stuck” in a place you don’t want or need to be.

2. Listen to your gut. That was my life lesson this past week. I actually listened for a change. Long story short I was supposed to travel over break. Because I’m me I didn’t completely trust my gut and I chatted with friends and they all told me to stay home too. I canceled my ticket. I felt better as soon as I did. I’ve also had magical moments with friends and family that never would have happened if I kept my original plan. So the moral of the story is listen to your gut. The end lol.

3. Do something this week that makes you smile. My time off of work has has been so restorative. It’s great to hustle and grind and take care of family, but it’s hard to do that well if you are worn out.

4. I really like Justin Bieber’s new cd. I hate admitting that. But it’s like a solid R&B cd.

5. I need a tan. Oh and sun, and the ocean, and a nice breeze and a smart handsome man (since I’m just naming things).

6. If no one has told you this week, you are awesome. God has made you with great care and great purpose. You are absolutely loved, not just by me but by him as well. Let’s make this week great + amazing and let’s enter the new year feeling good about the great things we’ve accomplished and the great things that are ahead.

7. This year has flown by. There were ups and downs, happy and sad times, opportunities I could have never imagined and disappointments I didn’t expect but in spite of the tears of sadness and of joy it’s been a year of many lessons and I’m so glad I made it!

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