It’s Monday: 12.7.15

It’s Monday…

1. Last week was quite the rollercoaster I am so grateful to start a new week feeling better with a positive outlook on the week ahead.

2. Life lesson: If someone always disappoints you thank them for being consistent and then gracefully walk away…

3. Read a book! I think I may tell you this every week lol. If you can’t read listen. Over the past 6 months I’ve rekindled my obsession with audiobooks. My physical collection was getting out of hand and as much as I travel and commute it’s been great to fill my car time with books I’ve wanted to read but don’t need a copy of.

4. I rarely talk on the phone with friends but when I do I always have THE best conversations.I love that so many people in my circle know how to pour into my spirit and make my soul smile.

5. Went to a gala Saturday. My friend sent a text to ask how it was going. Then asked if I ever found a dress I liked. So I sent a picture via text. The response was “D*mn you are fine, lol. But really you look beautiful.” Even though I have a pretty good level of self-esteem it’s good to hear compliments from someone, especially of the opposite sex, every now and then. Also it made me realize that I’m quick to compliment women but don’t always do so for men, so I must do better… ‪#‎wordsofaffirmation‬

6. I know I said it last week but read “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes. One friend read it this week and I think we talked about it for 3 days lol. Also I’ve decided when I do my vision board party in the new year that will be the theme. It’s time to face our fears head on and say yes to a great life….

7. I haven’t been very vocal on football this season outside of personal ish talking sessions via text. Even though they aren’t my team I’ve been happily cheering for the Panthers this season because 1. My momma is from Charlotte 2. Half of my family is there 3. I can and 4. Cam. But my loyalty still lies to my home team even though we are in a semi-abusive relationship. So tonight my hope is that my original loves make me happy and bring home a W. HTTR

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