It’s Monday: 11.30.15

It’s Monday…

1. Happy Birthday to my linesister, my back, and the only person I love enough to let their dog ride in my car in a booster seat LOL. Love you and have a wonderful day.

2. I love love love my family. I love how we have each others backs. How we can talk freely. How we care about each other and so much more….

3. If you haven’t already, please read Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. I realized while reading it that 2015 has been my year of me saying yes to a lot of things I would have normally been scared of. But now it’s time to ramp it up and also add in more NO’s.

4. Finally listened to Adele’s full CD. IDK if I’m going to be able to sit through her concert next year without crying. “All I Ask” is going to have me in the fetal position rocking at the concert hall lol.

5. I slept through the Soul Train awards last night but woke up to a text with a picture of Mr Kelly at 3am. He looked like when adults recreate childhood pictures and I’m assuming he was recreating his Christening with those white tights and shorts.

6. Sometimes you have to listen to your body. After almost six months of nonstop travel my body was like girl have a seat, drink some water and go to sleep. So I listened.

7. Sometimes people won’t understand why you do certain things and that’s ok. You aren’t living your life for them anyway. The older I get the more I realize that living unapologetically and on your own terms will give you great freedom.

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