It’s Monday: 11.16.15

It’s Monday…

1. I need to pray more. Not just for myself, but those around me, and the world in general.

2. Change is hard. Like really hard, especially when you know you have to make it but don’t want to.

3. Random conversation with my mom last week that keeps replaying in my head: “Christen, sometimes you outgrow people and it’s ok, I know you know this but sometimes you need someone to remind you its ok to let go.”

4. We did a “light” hike in El Yunque rainforest over the weekend. As much as I claim to hate outdoor activities the older I get the more I love it. In 2016 I want to add more elements like that to my travel.

5. In the past seven days I’ve been on 5 airplanes. I’m excited about the opportunity to travel but its not always “fun.” I’m tired of lines, turbulence, people with bad hygiene on planes, BWI (that airport irks me), and people pushing and rushing to get off the plane only to see them at baggage claim waiting in the same place as you.

6. I am good soil for seeds… I want all the blessings, potential, and unique things planted in me to GROW.

7. Since someone told me today I’ll tell you, you’re beautiful!

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