It’s Monday: 11.9.15

It’s Monday…

1. Prayer & Meditation are my focuses for this week. Life is well, life. Sometimes with all the noise and confusion happening you have to remember you can’t fulfill your purpose and receive the clarity you need if you are distracted by the wrong things or just things in general.

2. Yesterday’s message at Elevation Church in Charlotte was AWESOME. Quick summary – You become empty when you take where God has called you to give. Is it possible you are empty and unfulfilled not because of what you didn’t get but what you didn’t give. On the opposite spectrum sometimes you also need to be a taker and not give in areas where God is asking you to receive. For example if you ask God for peace how are you going to receive it if you don’t allow him to fill what YOU present to him by faith. TAKEAWAY: I will not take what God has called me give, and I will not give what God has required me to take.

3. My family is SO special. That can be interpreted in a variety of ways lol. But I enjoyed every second I spent with them this weekend.

4. When something you used to love starts to feel like a chore that’s when it’s time to reassess why are you still doing that thing and maybe even walk away.

5. Sometimes we as Christians need to pick our battles. There are far too many things to worry about in the world than a red Starbucks cup.

6. This guy on my flight looked like 1988… Gucci bucket hat, gucci jacket, gucci pants, gucci sneakers and a gucci duffle sigh

7. If no one has told you today you are beautiful, you are loved, and everything is going to be alright.

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