It’s Monday: 11.2.15


1. I hope everyone is having an amazing Monday. In case no one has told you – YOU ARE AWESOME.

2. My Pastor’s message keeps replaying in my head from yesterday. To paraphrase, he said, “when you die you should die empty and not full of all the gifts God gave you because you didn’t use them.

3. Just got a message from someone asking how is marriage life going for me? Who knew I got married!?! I was single like yesterday.

4. Ryleigh is here! She’s tiny and beautiful and loved a lot. God has blessed me with three beautiful and spunky god daughters. I feel blessed people keep trusting me with their children.

5. Puerto Rico I’ll see you soon.

6. I LOVE my friends! Our daily conversations get me through so much… I’m just glad no one can see our text messages, gchats, and groupme’s though lol.

7.God is awesome. Like REALLY REALLY awesome. If l looked like what I’ve been through, yall… For real God is awesome.

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