It’s Monday: 10.26.15


1. The last seven days have been full of spontaneous moments. From deciding on Monday to do a road trip over the weekend to randomly seeing Madonna on Thursday to being at a concert in Vegas on Friday and sitting on the beach in Santa Monica on Saturday.

2. In this 34th year of life, I’m learning to go with the flow a lot more and not be such a planner. God’s plans usually end up trumping what was in my mind anyway. It’s so much to see and do out there to just be at home doing nothing.

3. Everyone needs to road trip somewhere with a friend they won’t get sick of lol and they are compatible with music wise. We went from Drake to Bilal to Floetry to Fetty and we sang our hearts out for all of them, laughter, and good times.

4. Long drives make you think and put so much in perspective. We drove from Phoenix–> Vegas–> LA–> Phoenix in three days and mainly through the Mojave and Sonoran desert. To see the change in terrain, the mountains, rock formations, etc. Puts you in complete awe of God’s work.

5. Kia had me listen to Hotline Bling 394380483043 times this weekend and I can’t get Drake dancing out my head.

6. I get to sleep in my own bed later this week! As much as I love travel being in my own bed and cooking on my own stove makes me so happy.

7. But travel still gets me hype… Puerto Rico in two weeks!!

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