Soulo Reloaded

I’ve said it before that I love food experiences. So when I saw a friend post about Soulo Reloaded— a culinary experience I had to sign up. The event wast hosted by bookalokal (I wrote about a previous event with them) and happened on April 12 in a secret location in DC. It was promoted as a five course meal but there was so much more. When I tell you the food was AMAZING it was truly great.  Here is the menu that was promoted:

Parmesan Flan…pickled grapes, pistachios, lettuces
Chicken-Fried Frog Legs…polenta grits, collard green chimichuri
Pretzel Crusted Sea Trout…asparagus, potato, strawberry mustard
Roasted Lamb Chop…fava bean, artichoke, celery root gratin
Carrot Cake…pecans, golden raisin, buttermilk ice cream

Beverage Pairings
Spiked Strawberry Basil Lemonade
Lavender Iced Tea

Below are a few pics from the event. They can’t even capture how great everything was…

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