Nizuc Resort and Spa

Vacation. Everyone needs one. They are a time to disconnect with the world and just do whatever you want to do. Usually when I choose a destination for relaxation the first requirement is water. I don’t care if it’s ocean, sea, gulf, lagoon, lake or pool. As long as there as water I am there. The two S’s are usually next on the list, sand and spa.

Well Nizuc Resort covered it all. I almost don’t want to write about it because I’m selfish with my travels. When I visit a destination and fall in love with it I want to keep it to myself. But then I realized this resort is just too beautiful and too awesome not to share it with people. Words also can’t express how taken care of I was from the moment I stepped out of my taxi to the moment I got back in to depart. My friend and I shared an ocean view deluxe suite at this resort and it was everything and more. Our time on the beach was awesome. We had a chance to take a private cooking lesson and have the entire dining room of a stunningly beautiful restaurant to ourselves. We luxuriated in the infinity pool until our skin wrinkled and never had to get out because the great team at the pool delivered, drinks and  snacks poolside and evenly playfully sprayed our faces with evian. We got to watch an amazing sunset and had some pretty amazing food in the restaurant for dinner. It was EVERYTHING and more. Words can’t express how great my experience was so photos will have to suffice…


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